We like to play power metal, often with stress on speed, sometimes with a   'symphonic' touch.
The history of our winged dragon (a WYVERN is such a fantasy animal, for those of you who don't know it yet) starts back in the cold winter of 1985, in a lonesome rehearsal room somewhere in the fogs of northern Italy, full packed with Heavy Metal posters and pictures.
In the first years we recorded two demo tapes, the former just called "WYVERN 1987" and sporting some strong NWOBHM influences, the latter called "Back To The Ancient Rage" already showing the first seeds of speed. After a while we managed to release our first album (it wasn't time for Cd's yet!), "The Red Flame Of Pain", featuring seven tracks of melodic speed metal with a light techno-power edge. 20 years later, we still play the epic "WYVERN" anthem live! The last copies of the album are still being seen at record fairs at quite high prices.
Between 1990 and 1993 we were able to play quite regularly in Italy and in 1994 we got back with a new tape, called "Season Of Power" and a live video, shot during the following tour, and featuring a mix of new and classic tracks of WYVERN.
"Ice Guardian", from that tape, was featured in two different compilation Cd's of unsigned Italian bands, "Underground Symphony" and "Electric Minstrels". During 1996  we started working on some new songs, three of them made their way to "The Other One" the promo tape .
In 1998 we released the tape "The rage of silence" with live and rare recording .
From 1998 and 2002 we recorded our new cd called "LORDS OF WINTER"  
In the summer of 2002 the Greek label UNISOUND released a cd with the first and the second '80 demos ,that cd called " Back to the ancient rage"
At the end of 2003 we released, as mp3.com cd, a compilation : "WYVERN Compilation 1989-1999" During 2006 we recorded a special version of an Adramelch song  "Eyes of alabaster" and a new version of our song "Lonely in the street " and now we start to compose  our new cd with the new LINEUP . The song “Lonely in the street” appears on BlowerRecords cd called “Forged in Metal”
In 2010 WE  released a  remastered cd version of " The Red Flame of pain "      by JollyRoger Records.

MAIL  : wyvern85@libero.it
Phone : +393477615022
 WYVERN: p.le Chaplin 15 43100 Parma Italy